API documentation


Parameter Description Example
METHOD One of the methods:
balance - Get balance
give - Create new invoice
send - Create request of sending coins
status - Get status of request
YOUR_API_KEY Your API access key from settings 5c2dc9d3fa-df73e0d10d-2715eb503f-685b1965d8
address Destination address r-address: r4J7bd5XHeyfRE75z7XUG8RjLyNq7YvSTH
or r-address with destination tag: r4J7bd5XHeyfRE75z7XUG8RjLyNq7YvSTH:123456
or X-address: XVexCx7AYysWH8wbYDu7eD1zmbatbnovTGCZf5bNypj26XC
tag* Destination tag Any integer number between 1 and 999999: 123456
amount Amount of XRP coins 0.123456
statusURL* (URL-encoded) URL to your IPN handler https://your-domain/handler.php?a=1&b=2
label* Label of operation Any string: oper12
fee* Fee amount in drops 10






IPN handler

Notifications come from IP =
Data in JSON format:
   xrpapi.net: version
   type: message type = (in-payment / out-sending)
   date: date and time in UNIX format
   from: address-sender
   to: address-receiver
   tag: destination tag
   xaddress: x-address-receiver
   amount: amount
   fee: fee
   txid: transaction txid (hash)
   label: label
   sign: signature

PHP Code Example:
if (!$_POST)
   $_POST = @json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);
if (!$_POST['xrpapi.net'])
$sign = sha1(implode(':', array(
   $cfg['apikey'] // API access key
if ($sign !== $_POST['sign'])
   die('Sign wrong'); // this answer will be visible in the dashboard


We don't take a percentage from a transaction and do not require a monthly fee. You pay only for actually spent resources (cost of 1 credit = 0.01 USD):

Calculation examples (if statusURL is specified):

Note that the amount of credits is independent of the transaction amount